Wednesday, February 14, 2018

hearts and ash

Hello and Happy 💖Day and Ash Wednesday.

Merida heated up this week back up to 90.  Otherwise no complaints. Life is good.

Although I just lost my oldest living Aunt this week. She was a stylish woman with a quick wit. She resembled Liz Taylor back when, and considering she was pushing 97... she aged very well and had a good long ride. This photo was the last time I saw her three years ago when we stopped in Baltimore on our road-trip. It happened to be her 93rd birthday! I'm sure I wrote about this on our travel blog.
with Aunt Mildred at age 93!

 This week I tried a new yoga class that is held on the rooftop terrace of Cafe Montejo. It was a slower flow, and had a strong focus on breath which helps you stay present. At the end of class in shivasana, I relaxed a level deeper than usual and the instructor, Alma, said this form of yoga works with the parasympathic nervous system. That was awesome.

Yoga with Alma at Cafe Montejo
Staying active and positive while in this transition phase of life, and it seems to be working.😀

Grace, peace, and love.

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