Tuesday, February 20, 2018

hash house harriers

Have you ever heard of a group called, "Hash House Harriers"? Me neither, until a friend mentioned it here in Merida awhile back. I finally attended this monthly group in January, and just went again for the second time in February. It's known as, "A drinking club with a running problem."

Apparently it is a worldwide thing and has a history - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers

It's a real club with formalities. We met at someone's house, whoever is hosting that month, and our club usually divides in two groups, the walkers or the runners.  We all head out and look for clues in chalk on the ground or on poles, which are arrows and circles and other marks to indicate the trail. The designated people that mark the trail are called 'hares'.
photo from Merida hash group - walking in Centro
The trail leads to a halfway destination where we stop for a beer. (Dues are collected prior so it's taken care of.) Then we follow the trail the rest of the way back to the host's house for more beverages and snacks. There are initiations for new members involving chugging your beer, and later we sing some silly songs. Members get these amusing hash nicknames after you've been there long enough.

 It's not a race and more of a social club. You'd be surprised how many of the older folks here participate especially on the crumbly streets in Centro.  It's unlike anything I've done before but is a fun experience! Who knew?

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