Tuesday, March 20, 2018

c a m p e c h e

Happy Spring equinox.

I got to visit Campeche (a UNESCO world heritage site) with my best amigo Mario via motorcycle. It takes about two hours on bike, and two and a half by ADO bus to get there from Merida.

Campeche is the capital in the state of Campeche. There are city walls and forts that used to help protect from pirate raids.

It's a charming city with cobblestone streets and colorful exteriors.  We saw a beautiful video mapping show in the Centro.

Vino on the Malecon
 This trip was more about spending time together at length and and talking about life. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do this as my time of living in the Yucatan is coming to a close. I'm lucky to have made so many special friendships that I will cherish and maintain forever.

Life has a way of pushing you into new directions, and my new theory is that change is usually good, or hard. But if you can be present to experience it, whether you like it or not, maybe it will strengthen you. It can teach you, help you empathize in new ways, create new opportunities, or even give you new material to write about or make art with. Nothing is wasted.

My new pirate friend
Street blocked off for outdoor restaurants and music 

friendship bracelets

p.s. a little gratitude shout to Jerry and Carlos for the awesome sun protection shirts in memory of Conrad. xo

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