Thursday, February 9, 2017


Apparently Holly is a prophet and predicted the Pats win, and on top of that we won the little Superbowl pool for the first time.

What a game!

If anyone can pull a win off like that, it's Tom Brady. He has a gift for scoring points in very little time.

This is bad selfie at the movie theater. We went to see La La Land at the VIP theater in the mall that has recliner seats, and waiter service. Just the experience makes it worthwhile. We all enjoyed the movie, but I liked it more than George, and other other two friends. There is something about going for your dream, and the reality of not always believing you can have it, and not giving up, that inspires.

I wish I had the determination and confidence of Tom Brady, but I don't. Some days are just a challenge. I am more clear on what I want to do, but then I get bogged down with how to do those things 'here'. Or I get questions regarding the newsletter (as my new position as editor), that I don't know how to answer, and have to get a few others involved.  Yes, there is a learning curve.

I can't complain, I am still happy and grateful with our choice to reside in Merida. I just want to share that it may seem like an easy or cush life, but believe me, your own personal challenges and struggles do not disappear. Or times when you have do some some undesirable research or task, it can feel too heavy.

Have you ever heard, that 'motion can change your emotion'? It's a great tip. Sitting and thinking rarely helps, for me at least. But if you literally get up and move your body, do some stretches (or exercise) or take a walk around the block, or go out and meet a friend, it will create a shift.  Or at least take a few conscious, deep breaths. (It's amazes me how often I need to be reminded to do just that!) Your mood may lift, the task becomes bearable.

Adriene, (in Yoga with Adriene) always says to take responsibility for your own happiness. I would include well-being. Whatever that means for you. Sometimes it means to temporarily, physically remove yourself from a situation so it doesn't get worse (I heard that from my friend Alex). Sometimes it means choosing to make someone else's day better simply to smile at a stranger, or give your undivided attention to a partner or friend.

You catch my drift..... even sharing these thoughts has lifted my own spirit.

Bright yellow I noticed on my walk yesterday
As Julian of Norwich said,  “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” One way or another, I know it will.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Some vignettes from the past week

Last Friday George and I went to visit our talented-artist friend Kreso, at an art gallery event. Afterwards walking back we saw the new 'big chairs' in Parque Santa Lucia. It totally reminds me of Edith Ann, for those of you who get the reference!

We also happened to walk by Mercado 60 which is a newer trendy sort of food court, with a variety of food options and live music on certain nights. The seating is mostly shared picnic benches and tables. It was the perfect time to check it out since we were hungry. We opted for burritos. Mine was a veggie burrito - served like a salad in a tortilla wrap, loved it. George liked his meat burrito as well.

 The band quickly had people dancing, and I thought the place had a great vibe

Tuesday morning George and I drove to Centro on his scooter and had breakfast at our old favorite place, Cafeteria Pop. We had our usual coffee, fruit parfait, and hotcakes. We discovered that they slightly raised their prices. That dish is now 65 pesos, but obviously still extremely budget friendly. After breakfast I headed over to attend a Women's Club board meeting.

After the meeting I went to visit my friend Martine, as we decided to start our own little informal writing group. She prepared a lunch for us - cucumber and tomato salad with pita-like crackers, and humus to spread on top. She also shops at the slow food (farmer's market). It's a great place to get organic produce, specialty items, and even fermented products, which I already mentioned. I have tried the kefir (which is a fermented milk) a couple of times now as well.

It turned into a full day, as our friend Alex joined us later in the afternoon. As evening began to cool the air and darken the sky, the three of us went our for some local Yucateccan comida. It was actually cold enough to enjoy sopa de lima, and salbutes.

(A salbute is a puffed deep fried tortilla that is topped with chopped cabbage, pulled chicken or turkey, tomato, pickled red onion, avocado, and pickled jalapeño pepper. Salbutes originate from the Yucatán peninsula- from Wikipedia).

On Thursday George and I were out, and stopped by to see our friend Jerry, and the one-and-only Holly.

Later, I was at a grocery store with my pal Mario and we noticed this young blonde woman, and her tattoo on her leg of a palm tree. It had sand below and a compass in the middle. Mario asked her about it and we learned she was visiting from Denmark, and just got that tattoo here in Merida this week!

It's nice to remember that people visit Merida from many different places. And someday when Mario and I have plenty of extra money, we know where to get our next tattoos.