Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fitness Enthusiast

Trying the Technogym at Milan World Expo
In my last post I mentioned Live Your Legend, and have been digging deep to figure out what to pursue to get back to work. I like the idea of having variety - doing a few different things. One area is to involve fitness. I have been a fitness enthusiast since high school, hello that's over 30 years now. (I even exercised during the years I was a smoker. Contradictory, I know, but I quit almost 16 years ago.)

Exercise is simply a non-negotiable part of my lifestyle, for the following reasons:
     a) my mind - totally clears my head and improves my attitude
     b) the results - toned muscles, more strength, better endurance, and reduces stress, + more
     c) I just don't feel right if I haven't moved my bod enough

There are reasons and excuses why I didn't pursue becoming a fitness professional decades sooner, but I believe timing is everything.
Floor space for yoga at our stay in Boston, MA

During our travel-sabbatical-year, I found ways to get in some exercise as often as possible. For me,  yoga most beneficial in the morning because it smooths out the kinks and the stretches loosen me up for the day. Of course the practice also helps your mind stay present, and notice your breath. 'Marry the breath to the movement, and the movement to the breath.' Most mornings I was able to access yoga videos with wi-fi, on my phone.
(I also took classes at yoga studios in Austin TX, Playa del Carmen, MX. and Dublin, Ireland.)

Of course the majority of our exercise came from walking every day, especially while schlepping the weight of our backpacks. We also got to do some hiking and biking.

Hitting the road again, Warrington England

Biking along Danube in Vienna

Walking through the Badlands, South Dakota

Our bike tour in Valencia, Spain
George at the top of our hike to Holyrood Park, Edinburgh Scotland

On occasion we had access to a gym, or a small exercise room at places we stayed. There were instances where I used outdoor space and do some circuit/body-weight -training. We also happened upon parks in various cities with simple exercise equipment.
Park Exercise Equipment in Valladolid, MX

Group Tae Bo Class in Merida, MX (fortunately I could follow in a class
without understanding much of the language)

I vividly remember Padua, Italy. The hotel we stayed at had a rooftop deck space where I did circuit drills. It was around that time that an online-acquaintance, Dorene (she and her husband also changed their lives to embrace a travel lifestyle) posted some exercise circuits she received from her friend Mike Goncalves. He is a fitness professional and runs a business, The Wellness Bucket. I copied down the different circuits and tried them out - simple and effective to do anywhere for sure! Check it out. Later, when we stayed with my folks back in California, I had my Jillian Michael's dvd's to use.

(Just a picture from Padua, Italy since I mentioned it)

As much as I like exercise, I've never been one to spend hours upon hours at the gym, 60-75 minutes max. What I like about the Jillian workouts, and other circuit workouts, is that they typically range from 20 to 45 minutes depending how many sets you do, and are effective but challenging. I like that no-nonsense, let's-get-this-done, approach.

Typically I do, 30-ish minutes of yoga in the morning, some walking...... and in the afternoon or evening a circuit workout with cardio and weights, again 20-40 minutes.

Now, settled in Merida for a year already... I want to explore ways to pursue fitness, to encourage and help others move their body a little more, and personally experience the benefits exercise adds to your quality of life, or at least your day.

Spotted this red bike message, Warrington, England

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