Wednesday, January 25, 2017

...and Writing Enthusiast

Writing is another strong area I have. Again, not a surprise. Writing and exercise are things I love and always do anyway. It is another area to explore further. I hesitate to pursue some other strong interests in a work-way because I feel it could take the joy away. For example, art. I love to play with my paints and collage, but not with  pressure to sell, and not do it all the time. Does anyone else feel that way about making a hobby or talent into a business?

I may have mentioned that I volunteered to take over the International Women's Club newsletter. It involves writing, some creativity, and learning a new skill (all pluses in my book). My first newsletter begins this month so I'll see how it goes.
I can still contribute articles to The Yucatan Times, but have not sent any new installments lately.

Plaza Grande in Centro
Another project  in the moodling stage, is a collaboration with friends Mario, and Selena. It's too early to define but it involves three different voices/perspectives - a Canadian, a Yucateccan, and an American.

I'm just open to trying some new things related to writing that sound fun and different. Maybe a creative way to generate some income as a writer will appear. You never know.

Some things I love about writing: 
⇢A smooth pen and a blank page
The beginning of an idea for a story, poem, or experience
⇢Sharing information, inspiring people I discover, and recommendations that add value for others
⇢A poetic word or line that appears before my eyes
⇢Relating to one-another
⇢My preferred means of expression, and communication- I am not as eloquent a speaker

and always, reading the inspiring words and stories of other writers.

...and now for a spontaneous haiku:

Creative Writing
You are a joy and a pain
But how I love thee

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