Saturday, June 3, 2017

art and tacos

I went on a fun little outing with my friend Linda to visit the Lux Perpetua Art Centre Gallery.

Tacos at Wayan'e
We also wanted to try this popular Taco Stand, 'Wayan'e' which is across the street from the gallery.The taco's were great! I had one with chaya con huevo, the second was pollo poblano. The horchata was a little too sweet for my liking, but it's a great taco stand and we'd both go back.
The artist Amador Montes was the only artist installation in the gallery for this exhibit. Having just been exposed to him, we both loved his style. It's sort of contemporary, collage-y works.  The docent spoke some English and was able to answer our questions. The artist is relatively young (early 40's), and on some of his paintings was a stamped name 'Carmen' which we learned is his mother's name.
Linda and me in front of an Amador Montes painting

From the information sheet, I learned - Amador Montes (1975) is a painter, ceramist, printmaker, and sculptor from the state of Oaxaca. "He's been able to merge his contemporary work with the ancestral, nostalgia with modernity, magic with reality, thus entrapping viewers in the delight of expanding time and space".... He spent time in South Korea and has participated in over 30 individual exhibitions and a similar number of collective shows. Below are some photos of his pieces I liked, these have feminine quality to them which I like. He has painted a range of subjects though.

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