Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chili Peppers

I attended a big literary event (FILEY) with some writer friends this week, and on the way back we had a conversation about chili peppers. My spicy-heat tolerance is mild-to-medium. They were telling me different health benefits of peppers and you can build your tolerance. That sounded like something I could learn more about and experiment with, especially while living in Mexico. (Thanks Martine!)

So I bought three peppers at the produce market today: I can't remember the name of the yellow one.

I started googling about peppers: health benefits, different kinds, how to cook with them, etc. So far the tips I've read are that it's recommended to wear some disposable gloves when cutting the peppers and removing seeds and membrane. And if you burn your mouth to avoid water and use dairy - drink milk, have some yogurt, or even ice cream.

Chili peppers contain the molecular compound capsaicin which apparently aids in weight loss and fighting cancer.

Some health benefits include:

Increase circulation
Contains lots of vitamin C
Help lower bad cholesterol
Help improve digestion
Help lose weight
Help lower blood pressure
Help fight inflammation

 I plan to make some vegetarian chili and chop up Serrano, or maybe a a bit of all three, and add just a bit. I now the Poblano peppers are commonly roasted, and can be stuffed. I have to start out slow! Any suggestions or recipes are welcome.

I found this site to be interesting and helpful;
Dr. Axe has an article about capsaican here:

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