Saturday, September 24, 2016

Green Enchiladas

It's Friday evening and while chopping an onion and mincing some garlic, I heard the horn of the guy who rides a bike with a cart selling 'pan Francoise' and other breads every evening. It's convenient if you need a fresh roll for dinner, we usually get two rolls for seven pesos! A light rain is still falling.

I chop zucchini, a small chili poblano, and tomatoes to add to the saute pan. More than ever now I loosely follow recipes adding items I prefer or have on hand, and personalize them. Tonight I am adding pinto beans, mushrooms, and frozen spinach because I don't have fresh. It's quiet and the sun has started setting earlier, as autumn has just begun.

Living here in the Yucatan, I miss the actual attributes of autumn like cooler weather and crisper air, everything pumpkin, chunky sweaters and boots, fall foliage.  So far I only notice the daylight changing.

Next I prepare a baking dish with some olive oil, and make a sauce combining two small cans of green salsa with plain yogurt. I don't actually roll and fill the tortillas into enchiladas, no, I layer it like a casserole. Corn tortillas, saute mixture, beans and mushrooms, a little sauce, and repeat. On the top layer of tortillas, I pour the remaining majority of the sauce on top and add a little bit of cheese, and cilantro. Then it goes in the oven (at 350 f) to bake for 20-25 minutes. I am serving this with a side of rice tonight. (I am happy to report, the result was very good.)

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