Monday, May 23, 2016

Miscellaneous + Haiku

shoulder stand
Our private yoga classes have come to an end for now. I have enjoyed our small group practice with Susan our instructor, who has been able to facilitate our different levels of mobility. There are yoga studios around the city and some with English-speaking instructors. Even though I practice every morning, I really like the energy and instruction of being in a group or at a studio.
I was excited to try this restaurant and had a very good falafel plate at Pita, in Centro, with Martine a week or two ago. It seems more and more food choices are becoming available in Merida.

The trees are flowering and they are beautiful!

We are getting ready for a trip back to CA soon. I will miss my friends here. I will not miss the heat. Boy is it hot!

Home in Merida
 a spontaneous Haiku poem by Andrea

Paz y tranquilo
I love the community
 and cost of living

 I enjoy walking
discovering new places 
and finding good food

Tired of sweating
The heat and humidity
are a great challenge 

Then I remember
I meet amazing people
 who enrich Merida

I want to be an
amazing person to them
and contribute here

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