Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Tuesday in Merida

This morning I had an opportunity to get a free hair color as a model at a nice salon, by a student. What a treat, especially having my hair blown dry straight.

It's hot walking around but as long as I hydrate, walk in the shade, and catch an occasional breeze it's manageable. You just have to accept that being sweaty is 'normal' here!

Later I stopped to visit a friend. Conversations are fun and interesting with her.

Merida is a special place. I am grateful for the many opportunities here. However, it is not without some challenges. For both my husband and I, the heat is difficult. Getting along is challenging at times (but that can be true anywhere). Figuring out what we are going to do, and where, requires a lot of soul-searching and researching. Learning, and using more Spanish is a slow process for me. We just do the best we can each day.

Here are some photos from my wanderings this afternoon: 
I love it when I find Frida.
The trees are flowering everywhere.
I love colors.

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