Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Here is a little photo update. We took a walk and saw they still do that video mapping on the Cathedral and saw the pretty flowers/colors.

This morning we passed by Parque Santa Lucia and noticed they added a Merida sign by the 'Edith Ann' chairs.😁

We took a ride on the scooter and rode through a colorful cemetery. Seriously, the colors and mausoleums everywhere make it seem, dare I say, cheerful, considering it is a cemetery.

And then we drove around the park area that goes on for blocks. Paseo Verde.

There is an area that looks like a playground, but it's crazy really! Look at those swings. I don't even know how you get on them. George walked up the stairs but it's kind of scary.

 There are many places we have not been yet and will have to make some effort to get out and explore more. 

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