Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sotuta De Peón

This week we took a wonderful tour with our friends Jim and Jackie to Sotuta De Peón located in Tecoh, Yucatan. It's a fully operational Henequen Hacienda that was built in the late 1800's. The tour was thoroughly engaging (we had an excellent guide), historical, educational, and fun!

We toured the main house furnished to that time, in all its elegance.

Me and Jackie

There is a green cross at the main house which represents Mayan influence on religion

We strolled through the history of the Henequen process with antique tools and machinery, and rode on a mule-drawn-trolley (the trucks of that day) passing by fields of the 'green gold' agave plants.

Agave Sisal plants

Jim and Jackie on the 'truck'.

We stopped at the house of Don Antonio, an 83-year-old Mayan who worked on the Hacienda, and still lives there. 
He was a sweet man who apparently loves to welcome all the tour guests to his house and share a little about his life experience. At the end, he had a greeting/salutation in numerous languages which was impressive and sweet. He ended with namaste :)

 The last hour of the tour, we spent at the on-site cenote.  Then relaxed in hammocks.

Jim and George relaxing with a Henequen Margarita

We highly recommend this tour if you visit the Yucatan. More info here -

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