Sunday, October 9, 2016

Religion and Politics, What?

I usually don't write about religion or politics; however, I was moved at the church service this morning to write a post. I was born/brought up Jewish, but not very observant. My sister and I went to Sunday School for a short while, and on high holidays we went to my grandparents orthodox shul in the Fairfax district in Los Angeles, we celebrated Hanukkah, and attended our cousins bar/bat mitzvahs.

Then half-my-life ago, I did something unexpected. I believed Jesus is the promised Messiah. This created an interest in reading and learning the bible, understanding my Jewish roots, and I loved going to church. My family did not disown me but they weren't thrilled about my zeal. Over the past 25 years, I went to various non-denomination city churches, Calvary Chapels, and Presbyterian churches. During our travel year I went to a service at a Calvary in Santa Fe, NM, and a Presbyterian church in Dublin, Ireland, where I met this interesting woman Frida Wolfe, who created her own line of tea. (

Now I attend Calvary Centro in Santiago Plaza, because they have an English service at 9am (and a Spanish service at 11am). Pastor Robert and his family came here from Calvary Ft. Lauderdale. I really like his teaching, and being part of this small faith community. Today we studied the story in John 11, about when Lazarus was sick and died. Jesus allowed this so the glory of God would be seen and consequently, for the believer's growth. Jesus felt deeply moved and troubled. And of course the shortest verse 11:35, Jesus wept.

God loves us, and is with us in all tragedies and difficulties, no matter what we feel. We are in His hands and by faith, we can trust what He allows into our lives will ultimately be for His glory, and our good. I don't know why bad things happen to good people. I am just sharing a little bit of my experience, and I choose to do the best I can. I hope I can remember this if a big trial hits my life. In the meantime, smaller challenges and emotional frustrations could be met with less defensiveness on my part.

Awareness is the first step, right? So I catch myself in these situations quicker and TRY to respond more favorably, whatever that means at the time. Yet, I mess up plenty which makes me grateful for God's grace. So, my short sermon, if you will, is just sharing a bit of my faith story. No matter the state of this world, I believe God is love, and God is good.

My mini pumpkin...<3

On to politics, briefly, I consider my views to be somewhat liberal (like pro-choice), but not extreme. Well, we got our voting-abroad information in order and plan to send our ballots in early. It's so important to vote in this election! Honestly, I still cannot fathom how Donald Trump became a presidential candidate. I don't keep up with all the daily press or it would make me a crazy person. I do think Hillary Clinton is a qualified, and mature candidate. I'll leave it at that for now.

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