Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Craft Inspiration

On Friday I met my friend Katalina, and we took a bus to the Siglo XXI Convention Centre for the Manualides y Regalos event. (The Outlet Expo Vacaciones was there too.)

The Manualidades y Regalos is a craft fair. There were a variety of vendors from pottery painting, scrapbooking, sewing, chocolate, jewelry, even booths with kitchen gadgets. There were all sorts of handmade items including dresses and skirts, jewelry, some natural products, and desserts, and more. Some booths had tables to sit down and make a craft project as well.

All I bought was some avocado skin oil, but I feasted on the inspiration. I like the paper crafts and one vendor even had small rolls of washi tape. I find the displays inspiring. Even at the craft store in Centro, Fantasias Miguel, they often have lovely Parisian displays with silk flowers, bottles or jars, cute chalkboard signs in fancy script, and embellishments like a little Eiffel Tower or ribbon. I love that stuff.

Check out these fancy displays from the event:

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